Next OCA Event:

Next OCA meeting
Saturday, January 8th at 9:30 a.m.

The Ozello Civic Association is here for everyone in Ozello.
Bring your ideas – we want to hear them!

See you Saturday, November 8th;
coffee & snacks will be ready at 9:15am.

16th Annual
Ozello Chili Cook-off & Crafts Show

  February 19th   9:00am-4:00pm

Ozello Civic Association 14095 West Ozello Trail


*OCA Ladies Who Lunch

Ladies of Oz, our next luncheon is on! Mark you calendars!
Wallace’s Greenhouse
Thursday October 28th
11:30 am on the porch
RSVP to:
Cindy Hosch
Gastronomic Coordinator @
727-244-9965 or
Please send me (1) first AND last name and (2) whether you want to meet at the restaurant or carpool.
Carpoolers need to meet up by 11:15 at the OCA.
We may have a seating limit of 20. So reserve a spot soon. SEE YOU THEN AND COME HUNGRY!


Pickle Ball

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA.
Checkout Google with “pickleball”, lots of info and videos.

We usually play doubles on the small pickleball court situated between
our OCA building and the Ozello Island Church.
We play at the approval of the church on their court and the church is
not liable for our use of the court.
If we can get at least four players for a doubles game we generally play
at 8 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Other days and times are always open for discussion.
If anyone is interested call me at 954-309-3183.
Don Whitehead



*OCA Book Club

Info to come

After reading the Cat Tale  by Craig Pittman we learned about the plight of the State animal, the Florida Panther. 

Sherry Goodman’s nephew, Phil Rodgers,  studied the panther
when he was a student at the University of Florida and he will be in attendance to share his expertise. 

We will meet outdoors near the pavilion. 

Those who choose to attend will be asked to wear a mask and be mindful of social distancing. 

Feel free to bring your own refreshment.

Book Club – aka food and wine club AND travel club – all rolled into one! Peter and Jane Vandenbergh have graciously hosted the Book Club for eight years. When the group selects a book highlighting food, the Book Club eats and discusses food mentioned in the book.

Stay tuned – the Book Club is on the move and open to all Ozellians.

Call Jane Vandenbergh for meeting dates and times.
Jane has indicated that after completing the book
The Club will decide on a field trip.
*For information call Jane Vandenbergh at 352-563-6590


NEW – Yoga Class in Ozello

Laura Rose is back in Ozello and will be starting up Yoga once again.

She will be holding classes at 9:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the OCA beginning the week of December 10th.
For those who just can’t wait, Laura will have yoga at her house this week 9:30 Tuesday and Thursday

If you are interested please contact
Laura Rose at 207-351-7082


OCA Garden Club

Info to come

*OCA Men’s Luncheon:

Check back here for the next venture

The OCA women have their luncheon
Therefore the men can have fun also.
For info call Don Whitehead at 352-563-6557 or cell 954-309-3183


*OCA Coffee and Conversation Series, Ozello Style:

check back in for updates here

*Movie Nights
Stay tuned for more info…
Movie is free to members and friends accompanied by members.
Refreshments will be available for purchase.
*For information call Clarke Moore at 352-563-5405

*Brazilian Pepper
Barbara Jean Wilson has once again petitioned the county
to pick up Brazilian pepper tree branches on Hideaway.
There is a sign where you may deposit the branches –
PLEASE, ONLY Brazilian Pepper.

The county will pick them up later, for disposal.
Thank you Barbara Jean for this valuable service!!


 *OCA Soup-er Tuesday – It’s Back!!
Free to OCA Members

(Due to the Coronavirus restrictions)

(Souper Tuesday’s are on the last Tuesday of the Months of January, February & March)

***Please call Marty to sign up for soup, bread rolls and dessert     
phone# 352-795-0926

Free to OCA Members           Soup Nights 5:30pm at OCA

*January 28th
*February 25th
*March 27th 

(Dates may change,
if so updates will be here