Ozello Businesses

Island Outpost Convenience Store

Ozello's...A Hidden Treasure  -Ozello's New Gift Shop!!

Ozello Real Estate  (By Owner &/or  Real Estate Companies)

Iwol.net  HighSpeed Internet (check availability)

Nature Coast Networks High Speed Internet (check availability)

Ozello Restaurants

Nature Works - Landscape Design Installation and Maintenance
Call Barbara Jean Wilson   352-564-0598

Ozello Shrimper.com -They manufacture & sell shrimp traps.
The Traps they make were invented by a then -resident of Ozello,
Don Kelly. He named the trap after the community.
It's a Great website, take a look.

Birdseyeviewphotography.org - Lori "Big Bird" Colbert, a local of Ozello,
 takes photos of YOU, Boating, fishing swimming, whatever,
then you can purchase them. She does some wonderful work
 as you can see on her website.

Andy's Live Bait on Crystal River
                Tuesday - Sunday 6AM - 12 PM        (Weather Permitting)
                         Cell #: 352-697-1018                           VHF # CH68

Byron Clark's Marine Services

Sea Tow



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