Pirates Cove Land Owner Plan Ideas

*SITE UPDATED LAST:  October 3. 2014 (see below)

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 Update 10/3/14 Pirates Cove Plan Changes Click On files Below:

Pirates Cove - FLR-2 AND 3 9-24-14

Pirates Cove - FLR-4-9-24-14

Pirates Cove - GROUND FLR-9-24-14

Pirates Cove - ELEVATION-9-24-14

Pirates Cove - SITE-9-24-14


Update 6-13-13 Pirate's Cove - Plat/Right-of-Way Vacation Click here for pdf

Update 12-28-12
After cleaning up a number of loose ends, we finally filed the applications for the FLUM/Land Development Code Atlas Amendment & approval of the Development Agreement. One loose end stands between us and filing the plat vacation request. Below are the transmittal letter and application for the FLUM/LDCA Amendment along with the Development Agreement materials.
(total of 24 files)

Atlas Scanned
Attach 1 Proposed Development Agreement
Attach 2 Public Facilities
Attach 3 Land Dedications
Attach 4 Zoning and ELU
Attach 5 Survey
Attach 6 Drainage Grading and Utilites
Attach 7 Demolition Plan
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
Exhibit H
Exhibit I
Exhibit J
Exhibit K
Exhibit L
Exhibit M


Updates 10/7/12

Three Part Rendering 10712
1107R2a Planning Review First Revised Exec Sum  10712
Ground Floor Plan 10712
Second & Third Floor Plan 10712
Fourth  Floor Plan 10712
South Southwest Elevation 10712
Utility7B  10712
1107Development AgreementD


*Pirates Cove New renderings as of 7-31-12           Sec

*Pirates Cove Artistic 1st Renderings 4/12

*Pirates Cove ReBorn Documents

*Pirates Cove Planning Review

*Pirates Cove Ordinance Documents

*Pirates Cove Various Maps

*Pirates Cove Property info (County)

**The Picture below was the first rendering, of an idea taken to the county.





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