June 17, 2017  The Committee to Save Ozello met on June 17, 2017
Meeting Minutes:

Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.
We had 28 members of the Committee To Save Ozello Present.
Petitions: We have at this time about five hundred signatures, with people still
collecting sigs. and petitions still outstanding.  Great job everyone.
Yard Signs: “Yard Signs Army” donated fifty yard signs with whatever wording we choose
for the signs. At our Officers meeting on June 12, 2017, we decided on “No Rezoning”.
Wendy Williams, owner of “Yard Signs Army”, helped us make a decision.  It was suggested
that we put these signs at the waterfront sites. We passed out the signs and they were quickly taken. (we need to make sure these signs get along Ozello Trail, to get the park traffic and
Peck’s patrons.  If you have too many signs on your street, please consider taking a few to those on Oz Trail. lg.)  We can get more signs from the co. but they will cost us.  We discussed getting more signs with a different title to further our cause.
The new proposal by Mr. Decker for Pirate’s Cove was discussed.  We have about $80.00
in account from donations.  Remember to write to our Commissioners and the Chronicle.
Pick a single subject, voice your concerns, but write often about each subject you care about.
I volunteered to go to those folks on Oz. Trail to see if they would mind putting up signs in
their yards.  We will need more signs!  (Thought: Maybe sell extra signs for the cost of the sign.
We definitely need more signs.  These signs were a big hit.) lg.  Linda Green for the Committee To Save Ozello

***Special Note from J. & L Green –
We are requesting phone numbers and email addresses to be able to have a list

of people against  Mr. Decker’s condo project.  We are always seeking input.  
Please send that info to John & Linda at:     <[email protected]>


The members of the committee to save Ozello have scheduled a meeting at the Ozello Community Center On September 27 at 9:30 am
to discuss the rezoning of Pirates Cove from Coastal residential to COASTAL COMMERCIAL!
We need you there to help us prepare for the Planning and Development meeting on October 2. Please plan to attend, we REALLY need your input;
ideas why this rezoning should not be implemented are requested. Pleasetell your neighbors who are interested to attend too!
 Cecelia promises refreshments

September 19, 2014  Meeting

The Committee to Save Ozello met on Sept. 19, 2014 

Present were: Bob Schafer, Linda Green, Albert Yates,Cecelia Treat, and John Green
We discussed the upcoming meeting of the Citrus County Planning and Development department regarding Pirates Cove request to change their currently zoned Coastal Residential lots to Coastal Commercial and fold them all into one big commercial property of about 3 1/2 acres. This meeting will take place at the Lecanto Government Offices,3600 W. Soverign Path at 9:00 am on October 2, 2014
It was decided to ask input from all OZELLANS and to invite them to discuss concerns at a get-together at the Ozello Civic Center Saturday September 27 at 9:30 am. Refreshments will be served.
This probably will be our last chance to meet prior to the October 2 meeting so please set aside this date and attend.  We need you!



October 17, 2012  Meeting
The Committee To Save Ozello met on 10-17-2012, at 3 p.m.


Present was Albert Yates, Bob Schaefer, Barry Schwartz, Linda and John Green.
The Development Plan by Mr. Decker, was the focus of this meeting.  John and Linda had requested a possibility of attending the meeting when it was presented at to Planning and Development Department  in November.
The meeting was later moved to Dec. 5. 2012.  
 Barry S. was also talking to the P&D and he was also told that they had to check with their lawyers to see if it was legally possible to attend.The Committee discussed the time line to present our Petitions.  It was decided that the petitions and the list of those on the Island (those who had notified us of their opposition to this project) be presented in person to the P&D Dept.  It was also decided, we need to again ask everyone to begin to write letters to the BOCC to let them know of your concerns on this issue.  The BOCC so far has only 9 letters against this project.  If we are going to have a voice, we need your active support.
 We also decided that we will need 6 or 7 people to speak at the meeting about our various concerns.  We decided that it would be beneficial to write up our speeches and then practice them so we wouldn’t look too scared or afraid to speak in public.  Anyone who would like to speak at the BOCC meeting, contact any one of the Committee members for your help at this crucial time.  
If we have enough notice about the General Meeting of the BOCC concerning Pirate’s Cove or we will just have a meeting after the Dec. 5 meeting.Island Outpost has petitions if anyone who has not signed would like to.  Anyone in Citrus Co.  is welcome to sign; as this project will affect all of Citrus Co. Committee to Save Ozello

May 24, 2012  Meeting at Greens  
Meeting called to order at 4 p.m. Present L. Green, B. Schwartz, A. Yates.  B.Schafer, absent (ill).

We discussed Mr. McLaughlin’s letter to both Bob and myself.
It seemed to be a letter warning us that we could be sued if we made false or misleading statements.
Therefore, we will be very careful of any info we send or publish.
Some of his statements in his letter were incorrect .  We are making note of these and will present them. ,for clarification at a later date.
Of course, there are far more than nine people opposed to this project.  We will present those names and petitions at the appropriate time.
We thank everyone for the letters tote editor.  they are beneficial to our cause but those same letters need to go to the BOCC so our file on Pirate’s Cove is big and FAT.
Our information is also being shared with them.
Noise, traffic,water,  sewage, parking, lighting density of area are all  problems we have.
His letter did seem to give us hints as to where he plans to go with this plan.  It doesn’t look like what we are looking for  in our community.  
L. Green, B. Schaefer and guides.

March 26, 2012 Special Meeting
L.Green,  B. Schaefer,  A. Yates,  B. Schwartz  attended meeting.

Joanna and Gary Bartell  attended  our meeting to discuss what we can do to have a positive conclusion to our differences with the
Pirate’s Cove Project.  We discussed problems with fire, police responses and the intensity and density impact to to the Ozello Community
during such time as high water tidal flooding and hurricane evacuation .  The people of Ozello accept the winds, floods

After several minutes of discussion, it was decided we would make our presentation to the BOCC  and G.  Decker, and  associates after they
have made a formal presentation to the Board.  For now , we need to gather as much information i.e. names , addresses, EMail info. , get our
petitions signed and returned and letters sent to Board Members and Jennette Collins,  It was recommended to make copies of everything
sent so we also have a record of everything the Board receives.
Please get our petitions signed (can be anyone who lives in Citrus Co.  and every property owner on Ozello Trail and the Islands).
If you need more of these, please feel free to contact any of the Committee To Save Ozello advisory members,  we’ll make sure you get as many
as you need.
We need these names and addresses so we can compile our opposition numbers.  This will carry more weight in our favor if we have this list.
We have been compiling a list of all property owners and will be contacting everyone we can inform them of developments here and hopefully
get some feedback of what they are expecting of their property future here.  We need to make everyone aware of future plans for Ozello and
also explain our position and hopes for Ozello,s future.
The majority of the people purchased properties because of the ambiance of Ozello.  All of us understand the difficulties of living here.
(i.e. re fire,  police response, flooding and in spite of this we love  and enjoy our peaceful rural atmosphere (and accept these difficulties gladly.
We also discussed living in an V-14 (high wind velocity area) which makes it difficult to have businesses with large capacities of families in on
building and the high risks most businesses face in a rural area.  These families in times of peril, would have to be evacuated and housed in our
Rescue Facilities that are already in many cases filled to capacity.
It was also discussed that we look into the rules for business close to the St. Martin,s Preserve.  The amount of pollution caused by runoff
is another consideration.
The mutual use of parking at the Park (boat ramp) is highly objected  because of the high volume of Co. Residents, boaters (coming and going
and parking of trailers and cars during the day, visitors and picnicing families.  We expect this Park to increase in traffic as the economy grows.
In closing the meeting ,  it was decided we are on the right track and are getting into position to make ourselves a viable group of interested
citizens who want the best for Ozello and its residents,

present and absent.
Please turn in your petitions so we can compile our data.
J. Bartell said that the more data we can compile in our favor, the stronger our position will be when we have to go before the Board.  We are stil
l looking into some other aspects of information that we can that will help us later on.  J. & G. Bartell suggested a garage sale to help us get money
in the event that we do need to hire a lawyer.  J. Bartell paid $400.00 to an attorney.* See correction at bottom meeting notes
The Bartell’s were really informative and willing to help us along the way with our project.  It’s great to know there are people out there who will help.
We look forward to working with them and others who will guide us along our path.
**Correction of meeting minutes: J. Bartell did not pay $400.00 to an attorney. She actually paid that for a filing fee, for a court case.

March 6, 2012   Peck’s Restaurant
Meeting was called to order by Linda Green at 7 p.m

Purpose of meeting was to elect Committee Representatives.  
Linda Green was voted Chairman, Bob Schaefer  Co-Chairman,  Cecelia Treat, Sec./Treas.
Barry Schwartz, Advisory and Cecelia Treat, Advisory.
The Majority present agreed that the main focus of objection of the current proposal of the Pirate’s Cove project is the re-zoning from
Coastal Residential to Coastal Commercial and height variances.
Barry Schwartz reported Bruce McLaughlin has “Deep Pockets” and has been successful getting permits for this type of project.  Mr. McLaughlin
as been tied to gambling and adult entertainment projects.
Mr. Schwartz suggested that everyone interested write letters or call Jeannette Collins to voice opposition to this project.   Ms. Collins stated this
project will be viewed by Land and Planning Development Board and then goes to the Commissioners with recommendations for a vote. No date
has been set for this.
Jeannette Collins #527-5244.  Address: 3600 W. Sovereign Path, Suite141, Lecanto, Fl. 34461.
It was unanimously agreed our official title is:  Committee to Save Ozello
Several expressed concerns  from sewer, water, traffic, notification of meetings ( BOCC), impact of unfinished project, road damage.
It was agreed to have meetings as events warrant.
It was mentioned by L. Green that Barry Schwartz would set a Web Site for a fee.  K. Pace said we would be welcome to use WWW. Ozello, Net.
It was agreed by those present to have WWW.Ozello.Net  as our official Web Site.
A general discussion followed.
Meeting was adjourned at 8 P.
Submitted by C. Treat., amended by L. Green and B. Schaefer.

***Special Note from J. & L Green – We are requesting phone numbers and email addresses to be able to have a list
                                                                 of people against  Mr. Decker’s condo project.  We are always seeking input.  
                                                                 Please send that info to John & Linda at:     <[email protected]>