Kayaking in Ozello

We had quite the turn out for our 2nd Ozello Full Moon Kayak adventure with 18 yakers and others who just came for the airboat ride.  The night started out with a history tour of School House Island (Cecelia filled in with info from the recent Ozello history meeting) and Jeanne’s “secret passage” to Salt River from St. Martens.  While the moon never showed it’s face, the Ozello Venice tour of the canals was awesome and at the end we had a private fireworks show.  Mark Debolt tried his best to get us all caught in the Thunder Bumpers but we foiled his plans and returned for h’orderves and drinks.  Jane Beller stole the show with her cute dog who went kayaking with us!

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for more information about the Ozello Kayak Club

The Ozello Civic Association Sponsored “Ozello Kayak Club” had their
initial outing on April 16, 2005.  The hearty souls battled the low tide and
high winds to make the outing a success.