UO has two main avenues a prospective student can take to qualify for admission.  We like to call them Door Number 1 and Door Number 2.  Door Number 1 is what we refer to as the accelerated and abundant tuition plan.  Remember, when you send in you application, you can also include a donation check.  Remember, the more cabbage in the package, the wider Door Number 1 opens.

Door Number 2 is for the lees fortunate who cannot donate with their application.  Meet the requirements below and you have a good shot.  Really, it has happened.  Good luck.

We recommend that prospective students complete four years of English, four years of history or social science, three years of math, and two years of science.

UO encourages students to take honors sections of courses and Advanced Placement (AP) courses if available at their high school. Students who have taken AP examinations or higher level courses in the International Baccalaureate Program should have the results forwarded to the Office of Admissions. These results will be evaluated for proper advanced standing and/or credit.

SAT I or ACT scores are required for U.S. students applying directly from high school. If these scores are not posted on your transcript please contact the appropriate testing office to have your scores sent directly to UO.

The personal statement is your opportunity to let the admissions committee know more about yourself. You may submit writing samples, a personal essay or poetry, it’s up to you and how you wish to express yourself. There is no set length required.

Letters of recommendation may be submitted but are not required for all applicants. You will be notified if letters of recommendation will be required to complete your application.

We do not use a formula of your GPA, class rank and SAT I /ACT score to make an admission decision. We take a more holistic approach. When reviewing your transcripts we consider not just your GPA but also the strength of your class schedule, SAT I and or ACT results, extracurricular activities, the personal statement you provide and your academic area of interest. An admission decision is made based on all of these factors. Our priority deadline for fall semester is March 1st, however, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis year-round. Once your application is complete it usually takes  two weeks for an admission decision, depending upon the time of the year.