A Tribute To An Ozello Artist…
the late Phyllis Milton Workman



We are taking the time to remember someone who was a true friend of Ozello, Phyllis Milton Workman.  Born in New Jersey in 1934,
Phyllis discovered Ozello in 1982 while visiting nearby relatives.  She fell in love with the beauty of Ozello and made it her home.
Her artwork was and is a large part of the Ozello heritage.

While living in Ozello, Phyllis once said “Deciding what to paint has never been a concern for me because I am surrounded by more
than I will be able to use.  I feel that my subjects choose me rather than my choosing them.  Objects and places that I have taken
for granted as part of my immediate environment of daily routine take on a new meaning when I least expect it.
When something captures my imagination, it’s like a seed planted in my mind that develops gradually until the painting takes form”.  

Phyllis was right.  Don’t take Ozello for granted.  There is nowhere else like it.  Below are just a few samples of Phyllis’s many works of art.
A special “thank you” to Phyllis’s husband Bob for sharing these memories with us all. Enjoy!

Watch the video of an interview with Phyllis Milton below:



*Some prints of Phyllis’s work are still available at the Ozello Civic Association.