Introducing the all new UO “Vandenbergh Library”



Through generous donations from a prestigious Ozello family, The University of Ozello has opened it’s first library.  Welcome to the “Vandenbergh Library”.   The new library will take up most of the west wing of the main building and will include thousands of new books to assist our young adult’s education.

UPDATE:  Uggh, when I was writing the above description of the library, I was unaware there would be a picture of said library.  Upon revisiting this page I did see the picture and must edit my previous comments.  The library may not actually take up most of the west wing.  Some of the west wing may be more accurate.  OK, a corner of the west wing but we have room to expand.  As for the thousands of books.  We may have been a little zealous with that description also.  Truthfully, after going through the books donated by Ozello residents (and removing the smut) we came up with forty or so books.  We really couldn’t even fill up the selves.  To make it look better we added a baseball, a clock and a little ship.  We even had to turn a few books sideways.  That is the truth, but hey, the cup is half full!